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Endless Summer Virtual Fitness Challenge

endless summer '17 challenge promo.png
endless summer '17 challenge promo.png

Endless Summer Virtual Fitness Challenge


Endless Summer 6-Week Online Fitness Challenge

Rock the 2nd half of summer!!!

The challenge runs from Monday, July 17th – Sunday, August 27th.  

I'm In!

The Endless Summer Fitness Challenge is a 6-week virtual/online program running from Monday, July 17th - Sunday, August 27th

This challenge is open to anyone, anywhere! 

•    virtual challenge - each week, a new focus on health and well-being* and each week, we’ll feature a new workout to focus on building your strength using body weight and dumbbells as your resistance
•    weekly check-ins with Jen, your health coach, via phone/Skype
•    private FaceBook group page to share your wins, ask questions, and celebrate your fabulousness!
•    video posted to our FaceBook page showing you how to do each of the weekly resistance/strength workouts
•     tips and resources to help you reach your goals

How it works: 
o    each week, you will earn points for doing activities related to the challenge (e.g., earn points for being active, for drinking water, stretching, etc.) 
o    at the end of each week, you’ll email your form in
o    the team with the most points at the end of the challenge wins

Cost:     $120

Previous Challenger Testimonials:

Being on the Challenge was great! It was very encouraging, motivating, and I enjoyed it. You do a really good job organizing the challenges.The best news is that I not only maintained during the holiday season but that I lost 6 lbs! Thank you!
— Barbara

As I walked 3 miles round trip to/from my community fireworks celebration this year, I thought, “Jen would love this!” Thanks, Jen! Your coaching and inspiration have helped me onto a more positive path toward self awareness in taking care of myself. I’ve participated in several of Jen’s challenges. She is a great coach and inspiration, and geographic distance is not a factor. “Thank you, Jen.”
— Rebecca
Initially, I thought, how can communicating once a week with a trainer (without even seeing her) help me get in shape? I’m not a gym goer or a dieter; however, I like to be active, live a fairly healthy lifestyle, and I really enjoy the outdoors.... The Muscles by Memorial Day challenge was definitely helpful! I lost not only inches, but pounds, and my pants are no longer tight fitting. I feel more flexible and have a lot more energy. Jen was always available to help with any problem areas! She offered multiple ideas and solutions for my problem snacking! If I was unable to perform certain exercises, she offered suggestions for alternatives so I wouldn’t lose my momentum for that particular week. The support of the team was also a helpful little push on those difficult days.
— Terry
I would recommend Jen’s Challenges to anyone who wants to have the support of online friends and a professional trainer and coach to help keep the holidays (and year ‘round) healthy.
— Kathy
I too, want to thank Jen for helping me find strength I’d forgotten I had! I appreciate all comments, support and encouragement you all have shown me. I will use the ideas and suggestions to continue doing these 6 weeks again, again, and again. Thank you for everything!
— Dawn
My success in losing 21 pounds largely came about due to my participation in the two challenges Jen hosted. My favorite parts of the challenges were having a coach to provide leadership and support; the group participation made it more fun, and provided encouragement, motivation, and support and successfully getting into the habit of eating healthier and exercising on a regular basis. The main thing that has helped me succeed has been the change of mindset I’ve had due to Jen’s leadership, support/coaching, daily tips/ideas/information, etc., weekly check-ins (great accountability) and the great success I’ve experienced.
— Patty