Jenspiration provides inspiration, personal training and health coaching services to people who want to look, feel, and be their best in fun and convenient ways. Virtual and face-to-face options available.

What clients have to say about working with Jen! 

Participating in the Jenspiration challenges has been both motivating and rewarding. I find myself setting realistic goals and seeing the results. Not only have I dropped weight but have also become stronger, increased my flexibility, and changed my mindset to promote healthier habits and make smarter choices. During the challenges I find myself being more accountable due to the group setting which I love. It’s a great sense of community with shared goals. Jen’s overall approach to providing coaching that supports a holistic approach to wellness is outstanding. Her cheerful and enthusiastic attitude is what drives the success I’ve had in these challenges.
— Amy
I’ve recently completed the Maintain Don’t Gain challenge over the holidays. Not only did a learn some valuable life changing habits to start - I lost 10 pounds over Thanksgiving & Christmas when usually I’m one to gain weight. I’m now going to bed on time and waking up before my alarm goes off. I have way more energy than I did 8 weeks ago and overall I feel great. I couldn’t have made the progress I did without Jen’s help. She’ll focus on your problem areas and come up with solutions for you to get over whatever it is that you’re struggling with. I’d recommend any of her challenges!!
— Megan
Even with a conference....Healthy snacks, better food choices, water, -15.4 pounds!!! Thank you for the Jenspiration!
— Kathy
Jen’s holistic approach to fitness coaching has been transformational for my physical & mental well-being. What I’ve lost through the challenges are many pounds and multiple inches. What I’ve gained are tools & skills I can use life long.
— Stephanie
The Jenspiration challenges have been so good for me even in my busy & overwhelming daily schedules. I started out at a very slow pace & gradually started doing more & more!
— Rebecca
Being on the Challenge was great! It was very encouraging, motivating, and I enjoyed it. You do a really good job organizing the challenges.The best news is that I not only maintained during the holiday season but that I lost 6 lbs! Thank you!
— Barbara
As I walked 3 miles round trip to/from my community fireworks celebration this year, I thought, “Jen would love this!” Thanks, Jen! Your coaching and inspiration have helped me onto a more positive path toward self awareness in taking care of myself. I’ve participated in several of Jen’s challenges. She is a great coach and inspiration, and geographic distance is not a factor. “Thank you, Jen.
— Rebecca
My success in losing 21 pounds largely came about due to my participation in the two challenges Jen hosted. My favorite parts of the challenges were having a coach to provide leadership and support; the group participation made it more fun, and provided encouragement, motivation, and support and successfully getting into the habit of eating healthier and exercising on a regular basis. The main thing that has helped me succeed has been the change of mindset I’ve had due to Jen’s leadership, support/coaching, daily tips/ideas/information, etc., weekly check-ins (great accountability) and the great success I’ve experienced!
— Patty
Initially, I thought, how can communicating once a week with a trainer (without even seeing her) help me get in shape? I’m not a gym goer or a dieter; however, I like to be active, live a fairly healthy lifestyle, and I really enjoy the outdoors.... The Muscles by Memorial Day challenge was definitely helpful! I lost not only inches, but pounds, and my pants are no longer tight fitting. I feel more flexible and have a lot more energy. Jen was always available to help with any problem areas! She offered multiple ideas and solutions for my problem snacking! If I was unable to perform certain exercises, she offered suggestions for alternatives so I wouldn’t lose my momentum for that particular week. The support of the team was also a helpful little push on those difficult days.
— Terry
I would recommend Jen’s Challenges to anyone who wants to have the support of online friends and a professional trainer and coach to help keep the holidays (and year ‘round) health
— Kathy L
I want to thank Jen for helping me find strength I’d forgotten I had! I appreciate all comments, support and encouragement you all have shown me. I will use the ideas and suggestions to continue doing these 6 weeks again, again, and again. Thank you for everything!
— Dawn
I was so happy with Jen‘s fall re-boot! The thing that I like best is that she took me from where I was at the time and encouraged me to move forward even if it was baby steps. Her workouts were fun, encouraging, and very creative!
— Karen