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Hey, Sugar!

Hey, Sugar!

Nutrition can be confusing. Food packaging, differing opinions that seem to flip flop on what's good for us one week and not the next. Grocery shopping! Food labels! Ahhhhhh!!!

For many years, I struggled with food. Meticulously logging my calories, giving up "bad foods" only to binge on them later. It weighed me down mentally & physically. I've been free from that mindset for a decade now; and the independence is glorious! Part of that journey was stopping labeling foods as "good" or "bad". 

I've heard many people recently start to label fruit as "bad" because of its sugar; and it makes me take a step back. Because I'm a believer in getting in as many fruits and veggies as possible. Fruits do have sugars in them; and if you're diabetic, then, having too much fruit can be detrimental. 

And, sugars sometimes cause inflammation, so you might have to be mindful of the amount of fruit you eat. So, what does that look like?  The chart below shows the sugar and carb contents of different fruits. Keep in mind that the carb count includes total carbs which equal sugars, starches and fibers.

There aren't good and bad foods. There are only foods to have more of; and foods to have less of :D Eat what makes you feel like  your best! Eat to nourish yourself! And, keep in mind, what that looks like for you, might be different from what it looks like for someone else; and can and does change over the years. 

See how you can cut down on any extra sugars this week. 

What are some lower sugar options that you can swap out?