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Goat Yoga!

This past weekend, my sister and I took a goat yoga class! Yep, you read that right! GOAT YOGA!

Oh my goodness!!! It was SO much fun! 

This past winter, I had seen posts featuring goat yoga, and was like, "WHAT?!" I was fascinated! And, my sister Amy, LOVES LOVES LOVES goats! So, I knew we HAD to do it! 

When we were kids (ha! See what I did there :) ) we had two goats; but that was before I knew yoga existed and I never imagined having one as a workout partner! 

AZ Goat Yoga classes have been selling out since they started them! So, I was relieved when we were able to nab our spots for the Saturday morning class. We arrived early so we could get a good spot. And, joined about 100 other goat yoga enthusiasts :) There were about 30 goats ranging in size and age and dress. Some of them were casual in t-shirts, some were whimsical in butterfly wings, others wore glittery headbands, and some wore tutus; and others were more formal in sweater vests and button up shirts :) There was one billy goat, who was the daddy of all the baby goats and he wore a t shirt AND a hat! It was hilarious because even before class started, a goat in a glittery tutu jumped on top of Amy as she was kneeling down! Her day was instantly made! 



We gathered in a circle and were led through about 15 minutes of stretching as a couple of the leaders tempted the goats with treats to walk around, over and through the circle! The goats romped around and they were SO darn cute and funny that we naturally got a great ab workout too! 

After a bit of stretching, the rest of the class is left to whatever tom foolery you'd like with the goats in terms of practicing a yoga pose with a goat! 

It was tons of fun and a great way to laugh and completely get lost in the moment! If you're a fan of animals and fun, I'd definitely recommend it!