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My Top Tips & Fav Products to Beat the Heat

In the words of Nelly, "It's Getting Hot in Herre!" With temps climbing, here are some tips and my favorite products that I use to beat the heat! 

  1. Chill out! Use an Enduracool towel or wrap to help bring your body temperature down. I have the headband/neck gaiter in bright yellow (*it was too big and bunchy for my preference as a headband, so I cut it in half --- I only recently discovered that they make actual headband headbands!) But, the neck gaiter is great to help you cool down; and is an awesome unisex accessory to have around the house. I don't know how they work their magic, you soak them in water for a few minutes, then snap it and voila! Instant cooling power! 
  2. Sunscreen! My favorite sunscreen to workout in is the Kiss My Face Face Factor sunscreen. It doesn't get in your eyes and sting (even through loads of sweat and humidity) It doesn't mess up your makeup for when you reapply. And, it's vegan and cruelty-free! WIN-WIN-WIN!
  3. Shields on! - Make sure to wear a hat or sunglasses to help protect your hair (yep, the sun can damage your hair), face, and eyes. Look for sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection. Polarized lenses help protect your peepers from glare if you're going to be on the water. And to cap it off, I love my Nike Featherlight. It truly is light as a feather and lets the heat escape from my hot head, but keeps the sun off my locks, which makes the color last longer and my hair not dry out so fast! 
  4. Drink up! I can't tell you how much I love my Hydroflask! I have TONS of water bottles at home, but, I can pretty much get rid of most of them, because I'm so enamored with my Hydroflask. It keeps my water cool, even in being in 100+ temps and staying out in the car. And, I particularly love the 21 oz size because it fits in the cupholders of my vehicle and isn't too wieldy to carry around. Plus, it makes it super easy to meet my daily water goal knowing how much I'm drinking! 
  5. Be an early bird or a night owl! if you love the outdoors, but hate sweltering, aim to get out early in the morning (definitely before 10 am to avoid intense sun exposure) OR, if you're nocturnal by nature, go out after the sun's gone down. The best time to exercise is the time that works best for you!