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Put Some Spring in Your Step!

I LOVE spring! The feeling of sunshine and warmer temps and longer hours of daylight ahead! Today, on my morning walk, I couldn't help but feel like a duck getting out of water and wanting to shake my booty like I was shaking off water. My body just FELT awesome with anticipation! As you look around, you'll notice the animals are feeling the same way too! For those of you still experiencing winter weather, know that soon, SOON you too will be feeling the warmth. 

In the meantime, put some spring in your step! Celebrate the new season by moving your body in anyway that feels good to YOU! 

Put on one of your favorite songs and dance with abandon! 
Pull out your trampoline (or rebounder) and jump around! 
Go outside for a walk/jog and breathe deeply - really pull in all the air that you can through your nostrils! 
Get up from your desk and shake your body - imagine shaking of dust, snow, coldness, anything that dulls your sparkle! 

What are your spring health and well-being goals? 
How are you approaching this new season?
What foods are you looking forward to being available? 
What are you shedding? What are you making room for? 

Let me know your responses to the questions above! I'd love to hear what spring means for you! 

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