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Snorkeling 'A Ha Moment

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to be snorkeling in Maui. I'm by no means a mermaid. I'm a champ at doggy paddling; but I definitely shy away from getting water splashed in my face. 

Without a mask on I found myself constantly aware of water that came anywhere near my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth; and that I was treading water trying to stay afloat. However, when I put on the mask and put my face in the water, my body floated easily. Without the worry of getting splashed, I was able to completely relax, let go, and live in the moment. I felt like one of the sea turtles that swam by. Everything felt easy breezy, and I wasn't afraid.

It made me think about how else in life do we put up resistance and tread unnecessarily. The splashes could be: worrying about timelines, opinions, fears, and what not....

If we were to just put on a mask and have faith in its ability to block out splashes, and otherwise operate as normal, what else in life would be made easier? 

CHALLENGE: What "waves" are splashing you in the face can you lessen resistance to by putting on your own "snorkel mask" and float more easily? 

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