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Tapping - For Health, Wealth & Well-Being

Do you feel stuck, stressed out, overwhelmed? Are you open to trying a new strategy that helps shift your beliefs at their very core? I learned about tapping or EFT (emotional freedom technique) about 8 years ago. And, it helped me transform my life and get through a really stressful period. But, after getting through that, I fell off the wagon. You know, like when you workout, and start seeing results and then just stop? Yeah....that happens to coaches too! 

In tapping, you use your fingertips to tap on different parts of your upper body that correspond with meridians (the same meridians that you might know about if you've done acupuncture). You state whatever's bothering you, or wherever you're stuck (which was HUGE for me, because, I don't like talking about the negative for fear that it'll attract more). However, with tapping, it's meant to address what you're feeling anyway so that you CAN clear it. 

If you're curious about giving it a try, this week is the 10th Annual Tapping Summit. It's free to sign up and you can access the tapping interviews led by experts in the field. Each day features 2-3 different videos (about an hour in length). 

I'll be doing the videos each day! Let me know if you are too! :) 

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