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Y'ellow, Sunshine!

Tomorrow's summer solstice and the official astrological start of a new season! Solstices are such great opportunities to tune into your energetic fields! Summer solstice marks the longest day of the year - so, let's celebrate! 

CHALLENGE: I invite you to tune in and journal or meditate on what brings out the light in you!

  • What makes you shine your brightest?
  • Is it a type of activity? 
  • Is it when you're with certain personality types?
  • What makes you feel energized?

Take a few deep breaths as you ponder what all the things are that make you shine. List them! And, see if you can add a touch of sunshine to each day by doing one of the things on your list each day for the next week! 

Read the full version of my June 20th Well-Being Wednesday newsletter here!

In it you'll find, how to do sun salutations in celebration of the solstice and two of my favorite sunhiney yellow drinks!